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Dew Tour-Semi Finals

That’s right, we’re doing the Dew, and we’re dewing it Lowcard style.

Before leaving to Portland for the contest I picked up some promo gear. The CEO laced me up with a bunch of mags, 100 smackers, stickers, some hats and a bottle of wild turkey.

First night, dice and drinks at Steven Reeves’s place!

Ronnie Creager showed up and put the dice where the sun don’t shine!

general debauchery

the street course

sky camera

Mario Saenz, qualified for the finals, crooks

Pete Eldridge blasts a fs 180

Paul Rodriguez, fs feeble

guess who qualified first


Cab, invert

Dalton Dern, 540

Bucky, melon

pics: Tadashi

(keep tuned for more photos, video and debauchery from Portland)

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