Final Days of Cow Palace…

The great times have come to an end for the Cow Palace DIY.
Edit consists mostly from the last few days before the destruction.

Thanks to ALL the boys who put in work and donated in the name of skateboarding!

Riders: Trevor Morgan, Andy Pitts, Blake Bishop, Dylan Avery, Brendon Bill, Adrian Mallory, Hobbis, Jakob Steinfurth, Iceman, George Rocha, Adam Benson, the chill hommie, Simon Jensen, Tafari Whitter, Daniel Duboi, Greg De Martini, Jonathan, Zane Timpson, Tadashi, Kai Gormsen, Noah McManus, Monty Barnes, Nick Matlin, Alex Conn, of course Andy, Adam Schneider, Charlie Pravel, and Matt Field

Filmed: Tadashi, Brendan Bill, Trevor Morgan, and Seth Ramirez

RIP Cow Palace…


Build day. Pic: Nich Kunz

Shout out to one of the main builders, Aaron Hazlewood, slash grind, Pic: Nich Kunz

Jack Given, artsie fs ollie

Dustin Henry and Seth Ramirez weren’t afraid to chip in, double blunt action

Jack Given, fs ollie

Dylan Avery, fs rock

Iceman, ollie to fakie

Matt Barry, ollie

Blake was always down to build! shit grab to disaster

Greg DeMartini, bs smith

Trevor Morgan, wallie

Simon Jensen, bs nosepick

The rumors are true…

Done and done

Pics: Tadashi and Nich Kunz

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