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Photos by Halleran from the making of 2 Lowgit 2 Quit.

JH-How long did you work on your 2 LOWGIT 2 QUIT part for?
It was about the start of 2013 that I started filming for this part. Saturdays we got footy or tried to just until the beginning of this past July. That’s the only day I would film because of my schedule.

Where do you live and what was the meet-up routine while filming your part?
I live in Vsta, CA and would drive to Halleran’s pad to film with him around SD county.

What were some of your favorite spots you skated filming for the vid?
The slappy rainbow ledge was different and we didn’t get kicked out. It’s in from of some house but they were cool. The upward manny pad was sick too. That was the first time I landed that nose manny to nollie bs flip out. It took for ever but was worth it.

What do you do at ATM click, what are your different roles working their?
I do shipping and receiving for the company and I also help with production.

Do you have any other side gigs going right now for work?
I work for Republik on Sundays in San Clemente and I’m also a delivery expert.

What kind of skate videos do you like to watch to get hyped these days?
I got hyped on the Deathwish vid because of Greco’s part.

Who helps support you in your skating currently?
ATM skateboards supports me for the most part. Thanks John! Along with the Indy trucks and R.O.K. Friends definitely helped along the way. I’m fortunate for that.

What’s next for you Ed? Anyone you’d like to thank or shout out to?
I just want to take care of my health as best as I can. Produce more clips. I guess be responsive. I thank ATM, Indy and Republik of Kalifornia For their help and support. Plus Hunter at Nike for some shoes. Peace out to family friends and skateboarders, late!


frontside smith

frontside boardslide

crooked grind

feeble grind

backside 5-0 to fakie


noseblunt slide

frontside rock

delivery expert Ed serving up an Ollie

JH-How long did you work on your 2 LOWGIT 2 QUIT part for?
Since the beginning of 2013. So, 7 months.

What’s your favorite region / neighborhood of San Diego to skate?
Wherever the spot is. But I try to keep it within a 15 mile radius of home (North Park)

What were some of your favorite spots you skated filming for the vid?
It’s all fun. But probably all the wallride type of spots. Spots where you don’t have to ollie.
Also, hill spots are nice since you don’t have to push. Chasing your board down a hill and walking back up are the only downsides.
So, yeah, no ollies or pushing. That’s where I’m at these days.

Did you get broke off at all when you were filming for your part?
Tweaked ankle took me out for about 6 weeks during February/March. Pulled groin. And my wrist is kinda jacked.

What spots did you hit up when you visited Madison, WI recently?
That was fun. Got to skate all the spots I grew up at. It is so different than San Diego where you drive from spot to spot. In Madison, you park downtown, and skate from spot to spot. Every block has a different spot on it, pretty much. And I’m stoked I was able to film a couple things there for this part.

What’s next for you Sos? Anyone you’d like to thank or shout out to?
Just keep doing what I’m doing. Skating with the homies. Maybe film a trick from time to time. Thanks to you, Halleran, for filming and editing this whole thing. Cory Peterson for filming me out in Madison. Thanks to my family. My girlfriend Leisana. And our cats. And a big thanks to all my skate homies for hyping up the sessions and keeping me motivated.


frontside tailslide

warm-up ollie

frontside tailslide to fakie


boneless – Dave Frey

Jeremy Nichols – invert
Anthony Schultz high-beam noseblunt

Vegan-friendly nollie backside lipslide – Kevin Marks

Splortch-powered slappy – John McGuire

Andrew Norris – kickflip

Andrew Norris – frontside tailslide

boneless – Wayne

Brandon Perelson – barrier barge

Brandon Perelson – poll jam to fakie

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