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Dew Finals

Here’s some pics from the finals of the Portland Dew Tour.

This is really happening.

Live tv streaming on NBC…

Foreign ripper, Alec Majerus, bs smith

Scott Decenzo, hurricane

Dyet put his shirt back on and did a crooks.

nollie noseblunt

Manny Slayed Most, kickflip crooks

Mario Saenz from Mexico City, kickflip noseslide

Greg Lutzka, fs 270 board


Paul, kickflip

switch fs bluntslide

Some weirdness happenings.

Timmy Knuth, nosegrind

Over at the bowl finals Andrew MacDonald…….

Ben Hatchell, fs flip indy grab

Pedro goes high in the sky

Winners Buck1, Pedro Barros, Andy Mac

pics: Tadashi

(keep an eye out for video on the site and the better photos of this stuff in the mag)

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