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Issue #39 TF Article Overflow

Our current Issue, #39, has a Training Facilities article where Jimmy Tobias airs his grievances about those daggone facilities! Here are some of the images that didn’t make the print article.

Raven Tershy, bs smith at the Girl park

Justin Eldridge, switch bs nosebluntslide, Girl park

regular bs nosebluntslide

360 flip

Nick Tucker, switch flip, Syndrome Park

inward heel

switch crooks

Anthony Schultz, stalefish, Crossroads park

Andre Genovesi, nollie heel, The Berrics

Oliver Buchanan, switch flip, Sole Tech

bs nosebluntslide

Elijah Berle, crossbone, Double Rock

Louie Lopez, bs ollie, Volcom

bs smith

Alex Perelson, cab heelflip, DC ramp

pics: Tadashi

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