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Lowcard Issue #44 Promo…

Issue #44 is out now! Check with you local shop to get a copy or visit lowcardmag.com to order one direct.
Riders in order of appearance: Joey Guevara, Sebo Walker, Brad Cromer, Ratface, Steve Cab, Clint Walker, Sammy Montano, Sid Melvin, Preston Harper, Jerry Gurney, Tristen Moss, and Ben Raybourn

#44 Features:
Donovan Rice interview
Networks Skate party
Silent Mike interview
ShrunkenHead Skateboards
Islais Creek
Havana Skate Trip
P-Stone Pages
Rock Bottom
Dude Check: Sammy Montano
Sid Melvin interview
Showdown at the DMV
White Girl Wasted
Preston Harper interview
Heavy Wizard trip
Ben Raybourn with the cover shot and interview!

music: Rock Bottom
filmed by: Tony Magato, Cory Williams, Brian Shamanski, Martin Riegel, Brett Nichols, Miguel Valle, Ryan Reyes, Brian Hanson, Tadashi, and of course Daniel Evans

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