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Lowcard Issue #46 Promo Video

Issue #46 is out now!
Check with you local shop to get a copy or visit lowcardmag.com to order one direct.
Riders in order of appearance: Cody Lockwood, Dale Decker, Trevor Ward, Lance Chaplin, Bucky Lasek, Shawn Turner, Mason Merlino, Daniel Duboi, Brandon Bristol, Jeremiah Stevens, Flo, and Chet Childress.

#46 Features:
David Gravette
Bucky Lasek
Cliche Euro Skate Mission
Jericho Smith
Daniel Duboi
Shawn Turner
ATL Through the Heart of the South
Pontus Alv
Mid 90s in the Cascades
Photography of Cranston AKA Alex Horn
Steve Nesser
Metallica (fans)
Ace High Cutthroats
Dude Check: Jeremiah Stevens
Working Class: Brandon Bristol
Chicopee Bowl

Music: The Police “Roxanne”
Filmed by: Bram, Palozzolo, Shamanski, Jeremy Cooper, Brendan Bill, Boris Prous, Corey Henderson, Matt Hanson, Trevor Owens, Daniel Evans, David Tweedy, Hamm or Salmon, Khalil Kozah, and maybe Waylon Bone but probably not.
Edit: Tadashi

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