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Photos from The Great Desert Pool Duel…

-Black Star helped sent the beer. Thanks for that.

-Black Star helped sent the beer. Thanks for that.

-Peacock, Shamanski and The Illusion getting critical

-Jake Reuter Lein to tail

-Hacket, Lance, Keith and Rob judging

-Kowalski stoked on best trick over ladder death, 2nd place overall and best use of the pool award

-Kowalski fs invert

-Winner’s circle. Jake Reuter, Ben Raybourn, Kevin Kowalski and Tristan Rennie

-Ben Raybourn invert revert

-Steven Reeves getting the sick angles

-Riley Stevens bs tail

-Ryan Johnson won best trick over the stairs with this bs ollie.

-Tristan Rennie fs boneless

-Tristan Rennie method

-Steven Reeves attempting the near impossible wheel toss game, did he make it?

1st-Tristan Rennie 2nd-Kevin Kowalski 3rd-Ben Raybourn 4th-Jake Reuter
Best Trick
Over the stairs – Ryan Johnson, bs ollie
Over ladder death – Kevin Kowalski, bs smith
Best use of the pool – Kevin Kowalski

Pics: Brian Shamanski!

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