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Lowcard Review By BRIAN BALL

I got the new Lowcard snow/ice scraper in the mail a few weeks ago. I finally had the chance to try it out this morning, as CO got a half foot of shit powder dumped on it last night. At first I was skeptical… a snow/ice scraper made of paper. It worked splendidly, though. The binding held and the pages pretty much stayed together. Cleverly packaged as a (very cheap) magazine or college zine, it actually has pictures and articles inside. Most of them are about some washed-up skaters drinking, farting or shitting the bed. A couple of pictures are actually of skating.
I was impressed as how well my Lowcard cleared the snow from my windows. I guess these are meant as a one-time use kind of thing, as it started to get a little soggy after use. It did it’s job, though. Now, if it can hold off snowing for another 3 months, I’ll be set!

Get your own Lowcard Snow/Ice Scraper right here.

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