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Save Channel St. Skatepark…

Brandon Meyers a volunteer for the San Pedro Skatepark Association. He is starting this account in hopes to raise money for permits, insurance, maintenance and repair of the Channel St Skatepark.

Channel St Skatepark was built in 2002 as two little bumps in a park and ride under the 110 Fwy. Before volunteers from the SPxSA decided to buid down there it was a region of San Pedro looked at as nothing. Homeless were all that occupied the area, and it was a place for bad people to do bad things. The volunteers had to deal with that for awhile while they were building down there. Those two bumps turned into a bowl and the area that was once looked at as nothing now became a place for kids (like myself) and skateboarding…for more info click here

Save Channel St Skatepark

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