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This was the only stickers left on my car…i had over 35 diffrent lowcardstickers on it and some one in the past 6 hours i had 3 big stickers on it the huge ones and a few of each diffrent ones…my shakejunt and lurk hard stickers were also taken….thats not the worst part. my car was broken into. My John Lucero blacklabel with my oj3’s with big ass indys was stolen, my krooked with my fav spitfire classics also stolen, my extra pair of worn out hsu’s gone, my ipod mini(yes i know only girls have them) gone, all my tools in my tool box gone, my only daf coozie gone, backpack of skated in shirts gone, the only thing left in the car was a set of old indys and my only lowcard hat… this fuckin sucks. I just wanted to drop a quick email and i got this sick tat that says roll forever and has a flying spitfire classic! ill send that in a diff email. im sending you a packege of random shit in a week just some stencils and random art( if you can call it that) do a trip to chicago! hit me up guys!
Peace guys keep up the fukkin great work
TIM Bergeron


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