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Mud Six Video



Mud is a small apparel brand based out of Logan, Utah started in 2017 by a few besties. We always keep our videos/image lighthearted and focus more on making the viewer laugh than trying to reel them in with our mediocre skateboarding. For our sixth full length video we traveled coast to coast across the U.S. over 2020-2022 with our friends filming basically any clip that someone wanted to get. Once filming came to an end, our editor locked himself in his room for a few weeks and produced this ADHD and espresso fueled tornado of a skate video. Enjoy. Love, Mud.


Peep below for some photos from behind the scenes and from one of the more unique premiers ever sent over to Lowcard HQ


Film/Edit – Dawsyn Gerfen (@dawgsyn)
Photography – Logan Winkelaar (@loganwinkelaar) 
Major shout out to Zach Shepherd (@directive) and Derek Raymond (@preatza)











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