oui décor



Some down south New Orleans skateboarding. When it comes down to it, it’s all about the comradery. This is everyday day for us down here. We try to keep it fresh but also not forget where this shit came from. Full length coming winter 2023


Featuring: DC Mike, Jazz, Otis Duncan, Dominic Cresconi, Charles Johnson, Adolfo Garcia, Lil Oscar, Shea Lopez, Dylan Del Corral, Carlos Stitch, Quinn Del Corral, Tim Black, Phillip Santosuosso, Stephen Serrano, John Kosch, Josh Gougis, Rashaud “Rico” Brown, Jerred Dearmas, Rocky Indovina, Jordan Trahan, Yosef Ratleff, Anthony “Savage” Simmons, Nova Duffee, Stefan Shirah, Todd Taylor, Tristan Lassengne, Tristan Hose, Chris Lynch, Alyssa Maxwell, Annie Stallman


Filmed by: Tristan Lasseigne, Phillip Santosuosso, John Kosch, Charles Johnson, Thomas Woodruff & Josh Gougis


Cover Photo by: Fred Simonson

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