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billy valdes

them menace dudes used to be my favorite crew of skaters, so i was double stoke when they came to memphis back in like 94, maybe? i’s born in memphis, but raised in jackson, mississippi so we had to drive 3 hours for the demo. i think it was me and my friends seth cheeks and maybe brian kendrick driving. we met the north jackson possee up there too, ben skirtech(now my brother in law), jerry forst, and Mike Fucking Macy (brother from top to bottom) we were all feelin menace come to think of it. hilarious to look back at it all now. i was a hip hop kid, certified milk chicken. hoop earrings, polo shirts, label everything. a yokel from the woods stoked on lockwood LA dudes.

whatevs, memphis had good demos.cheapskates, beale street, the pit. too many pros. i think all of the world teams were on summer tour . kareem, lavar, suriel, fabian alomar, pat channita, jeremy and jonas wray, fuckin ronnie bertino, and had to been some others. billy valdes the whole time just doing his own thing, hilariously. 15 years later, clear as day. ronnie bertino tapping his axles after every trick. lavar blunted and landing everything. my fiends getting bgp’s in transworld. and i was probably the same height.snakebsflipchrome.jpg

oh yeah, pulled this from chrome ball…

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  1. Billy Valdes
    May 2, 2011 at 9:22 am (13 years ago)

    Hellz Yeah!!……Thanks dude!

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