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guess what

stoked. got my car busted into Again the other day. there was nothin visible, but i suppose since the car is gold in color, must be some other treasure inside this tantalizing ingot, and lo and behold thems was. yer car lovin street person came up on like 8 boards out of the trunk, 2 of em completes. the perpetrator of said crime likes A)seat leaned far back B) grape flavored blunts(surmised from wrappings, tobacco poured out on floor, and accompanying ashes) C) rap music(only tape missing) D) items quickly flipped in tenderloin(my boards). obviously, the culprit must be an old chinese lady with possible walker or cane. i’m gonna case the 30 stockton, just like my car was.img_0664.jpg

funny thing, didn’t take the fishing pole from the trunk.

the old lady would rather just eat for the day…

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  1. jOhn
    February 9, 2009 at 10:23 am (14 years ago)

    looks like a broken middle finger