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I am sure that among our students there are future Alekseevs and Afrikantovs “, – noted about

I am sure that among our students there are future Alekseevs and Afrikantovs “, – noted about

“It was very difficult to choose from projects, but I can say that all the winners of this year are very good. I have no doubt that some of these technologies will ultimately be used everywhere and change our world for the better, ”said Corrish.

The jury selected the six best projects. Grants were awarded to young scientists from Egypt, Pakistan, Italy, Kenya, Uruguay, as well as a representative of Russia (Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R.E. Alekseev).

Young scientists who are developing scientific ideas for a healthier planet received grants from UNESCO, PhosAgro and IUPAC.

Laureates can invest their prize money in learning how to minimize exposure to pesticides on plants, vegetables and ensure the safety of farmers and workers; in the invention of a technology for the synthesis of drugs in a more “green” way, as well as in the development of a more ecological method for synthesizing nanofertilizers.

“The Green Chemistry for Life project is a big step in science towards waste-free production, towards responsible and sustainable industry and agriculture. The format of the program gives young chemists-researchers a unique opportunity to carry out independent scientific work and realize their scientific potential, ”the Ph.D. Senior Researcher, Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University. R.E. Alekseeva Alsu Akhmetshina.

The project of the representatives of the Nizhny Novgorod Technical University is aimed at the development of new membranes based on polymer ionic liquids for the separation of acid gases, in accordance with the principles of “Green Chemistry”.

Implementation of the ideas of scientists of the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R.E. Alekseeva became possible thanks to the creation of a laboratory of membrane and catalytic processes at the Department of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology. Its opening took place in December 2015.

The laboratory includes equipment for a full cycle of development of membranes and membrane processes, ranging from the synthesis of various polymeric materials and ionic liquids, their study by various physicochemical methods and ending with testing gas separation membranes on installations developed by the laboratory staff.

In fact, in just six months, real scientific results were obtained. A project has been created in the new laboratory, which is a vivid example of interdisciplinary collaboration between chemists creating new materials and engineers developing hardware for chemical and technological processes, united by one common goal – to make our life better, cleaner and safer!

“And wings, an attribute of flight, and daring thoughts, the essence is a symbol of a high-speed fleet and a path to the unknown …”. This is exactly how the student of NSTU named after R.E. Alekseeva described the invention of the engineer Alekseev – an ekranoplan. 

The opening ceremony on the territory of NSTU named after R. Ye. Alekseev of the memorial exposition “Ekranoplan” Volga-2 “, developed and manufactured under the direction of Rostislav Alekseev, was timed to the 55th anniversary of the first test flight of ekranoplanes and the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great designer.

The event was attended by leaders, teachers, students, employees of the N.N. R.E. Alekseeva, as well as representatives of the regional and city administrations, PJSC NAZ Sokol, Central Design Bureau for SEC them. R.E. Alekseeva. The ceremony was attended by associates of the great engineer and his daughter Tatyana Alekseeva.

Rector of the University, daughter of an engineer, federal inspector for the Nizhny Novgorod region and general director of JSC R.Ye. Alekseev ”symbolically cut the red ribbon and opened the monument.

Rector of N.N. R.E. Alekseeva Sergei Dmitriev called the monument an example for students, a symbol of engineering art. He drew special attention to the fact that it was not a model that was installed, but a real ekranoplan, the latest development of Alekseev. 

“I am sure that many students, graduate students, masters who are present here today look with pride at Alekseev’s product. I am sure that there are future Alekseevs and Afrikantovs among our students, ”he said.

“When we see how a design idea is implemented in a finished product and it works, this is the height of perfection for engineers. We want to tell our students: “Guys, go for it and you will do what you have in mind!” Said Dmitriev.

According to the rector, this monument is the first of a number of objects, implemented by the ideas of graduates of NSTU. R.E. Alekseev, which are planned to be installed, because among the graduates of Nizhny Novgorod University there are hundreds of outstanding scientists.

The engineer’s daughter Tatyana Alekseeva noted that the installation of the monument is an important event for young people. 

“Today’s technical professions are unpopular, and such examples will hopefully inspire young people,” she said. “This is an object of the 80s, but it looks so modern that it could well sail our rivers today.”

“This monument is the last creative design work of Rostislav Evgenievich. He dreamed of going on this ekranoplan to the Olympic Games of the 80th year, but, unfortunately, this did not happen. As a patriot, for a long time Alekseev tried to prove the need for civilian ekranoplanes. Now, standing here on a pedestal, “The winged” Volga-2 “with all its appearance shows that the civil direction is of great importance and strength”, – said Tatyana Alekseeva.

At the opening ceremony, letters of gratitude were handed over to everyone who helped to erect the monument.

Alekseev’s associates and colleagues expressed their gratitude to the university leadership.  

Also, a master’s student of NSTU named after R.E. Alekseeva. He promised that today’s youth will try to adopt the best traditions of the technical university.

The winged “Volga-2” was one of the last developments of the design bureau under the leadership of R.Ye. Alekseeva. In connection with the preparations for the 100th anniversary of Rostislav Evgenievich, it was decided to install this particular ekranoplan near the main building of NSTU. 

On the night of August 25-26, 2016, a complex operation was carried out to transport the ekranoplan from the Sokol aircraft plant to the main building of the university. The operation was successful. The specialists of PJSC NAZ Sokol and NSTU successfully delivered the ekranoplan, assembled it and installed it on a pedestal.

Author: Evgeniya Makhalova

By the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 25, 2014 No. 256-r, amendments and additions were made to the Federal plan of statistical work, approved by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated May 6, 2008 No. 671-r. Among others, a clause was introduced on the inclusion in the Federal Plan of the annual collection of statistical data on training in organizations that carry out educational activities on additional professional programs.

Form No. 1-PC, developed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and approved by Rosstat, is used as a statistical tool for federal hero essay example statistical observation. Since 2005, several editions of this form have been developed and approved, and the amount of information required to provide is constantly growing.

The Federal State Autonomous Institution “State Research Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications” (FGAU GNII ITT “Informika”) electronically collects, processes and analyzes federal statistics on the functioning of the system of additional professional education. These tasks are successfully solved by the developed and constantly developing specialized automated information system. The system address on the Internet is http://as-dpe.mon.gov.com.

By order of Rosstat No. 409 of August 10, 2016, the current statistical toolkit was approved for the organization of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia federal statistical observation of the activities of educational organizations carrying out educational activities in additional professional programs (form No. 1-PC) and organizations carrying out educational activities in basic programs. vocational training (form No. PO).

Form No. 1-PC “Information on the activities of an organization carrying out educational activities in additional professional programs” includes six main sections with subsections:

1. Information about the organization.    

2. Information on the number of trainees trained in additional professional programs.

3. Information about the personnel of the organization.

4. Property of the organization.


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