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Rad Rumble – Bonkersville


A skate contest and Bonkersville? Say what? Yes, it happened. I’d been wanting to do something here at Bonkersville before the end of 2022 and then an idea occurred. A contest! Rad Rumble! I ran the idea by Tommy and Carl of TSM and they were immediately backing it. Thanks to the skaters who entered including Dan Plunkett, Jesse Hotchkiss, and Ryan Reyes. They all tore it up and pushed the boundaries of what could be done in this little crazy sideways backyard DIY. Needless to say a lot of NBDs went down! The Bonkersville 2022 Stand Out Awards were truly amazing and created by Rene of Blunt Steel. Thanks to my mom and Diana for grilling up a bunch of vegan burgers for everybody. And thanks to all the sponsors, Lowcard, Rad Jerky, Blunt Steel and True Sk8boardmag.


The TSM ‘Live Show’ Season finale was also filmed during Rad Rumble. Go check it out on their site to see interviews from Dave Bergthold of Blockhead Skateboards, Jesse Hotchkiss, Ryan Reyes and Dan Plunkett. Is there going to be a 2nd annual Rad Rumble? Gotta wait and see. Rad Rumble was a success so it is likely.


For now thanks everyone who participated and thanks everyone for watching.


Please check out some photos from the event below by Carl Carpentier and Suitcase Joe:

































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