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Laban Switchface Blockhead Video Part


Click on over to check out Laban’s new “Switchface” part, it’s a bunch of clips he’s compiled from the last year and a half while testing out and fine tuning his switchface prototypes.   Pretty gnar for a 50 year old dude!!!…and this is just the “leftovers”, he’s been saving the bangers for an as of yet unannounced Blockhead project.   Keep on ripping it up Laban!


Get hyped and then charge on over to blockheadskateboards.com to grab your own switchface model and ponder switch way you’re going to set it up.


The Laban switchface board measures at 9” in the middle and has double variable holes (16) so you can adjust in numerous ways to fit your skateboarding style.    After over a year of fine tuning, Laban and myself came up with a shape that works great either direction.   You can use the round end as your nose and the squared end as your tail like Laban or flip it around and go round tail and square nose like I do…not only that, you can adjust the lengths of your nose and tail.

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