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SOIL DirtInYourEyes – “Candace”


From some of the talented homies in the North Bay laying low in the cuts, SOIL presents their first full length, “Candace.” Enjoy some lush Northern California landscapes providing the backdrops to some gnarly and creative maneuverings from the crew as they carve out a nice lil niche for themselves. Make sure you scroll down to see some photos of the crew out there doing their thing.


Featuring: Ivor Horsfall, Dylan Orton, Jon Jones, Giordi Serafini, Josh Anderson, and Chris Goehringer.


Appearances by: Saylor James, Brian Holden, Jordan Tabayoyon, Kevin Peterson, Alex Carrozza, Rick Tan, Cody Dorrell, Nick Koerner, Connor Vickers, and Robby Cedarblade.


Filmed and Edited by: Dylan Orton and Giordi Serafini.



Ivor Horsfall – Boardslide to Fakie. Photo: Giordi Serafini


Giordi Serafini – Kickflip. Photo: Phil Novack


Ivor Horsfall – Ollie. Photo: Jordan Tabayoyon


Jon Jones – Wallride. Photo: Giordi Serafini.


Homies. Photo: Giordi Serafini


Ivor Horsfall – Noseblunt. Photo: Giordi Serafini


Giordi Serafini – Shuv. Photo: Jordan Tabayoyon


Josh Anderson – Frontside 180. Photo: Phil Novack


Chris Goehringer – Tailslide. Photo: Giordi Serafini


Dylan Orton. Photo: Giordi Serafini

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