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Black Box Checkout…

Tadashi went to Oceanside and stayed at the Black Box warehouse for about a week.
He put together this little article about his trip with some photos and a clip. Check in on the house The Chief built. It’s a Lowcard exclusive!!

Blackbox offices in Oceanside.

I got the top bunk.

The neighboring room had ice cream sandwiches. Thanks Chase.

The park is being in the middle of being relocated but the current set up was still plenty fun.

James Hardy inside the park, fs bluntslide

Dusty Yauilla, fs feeble

Back inside the offices crossed paths with Ben Gilley who was repin his shop.

Jeff Halleran handles the web content. Sorry ladies he’s married now..

Chopping it up with Joey Shigeo, Blackbox’s staff photographer.

Back down by the park found Mr. Hubble laying low.

Went over to the DC ramp with Ben Hatchell. Hatchell is an atv!

Saw Sheffey skating on the daily.

A random session with the Skateboardmag’s Bart Jones. The bungee may of helped propel him up the bank but I think it really was the tasty 4 Loco! BTW Sup with the Chomp on This #2 rumors?

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