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Business As Usual

The long awaited Think video, Business As Usual, premiered last night in SF. Here’s some of the debauchery in no particular order.
If you missed the premier check it out online at thrashermagazine.com on April 13th.

Street drinkin and high fives is how SF does premiers!

Josh Matthews, Justin Carlson and Dumo hug it out.

Brian Shamanski was there

Full house at The Independent

Gordon of Cruz Skate Shop

Tony Vitello and Lee Yankou and Billy Roper (sorta)

Fuenzalida killed it!

Nick Matlin of Paradise Wheels and Zack G!

Taryn pondering sobriety.

Dustin Walls of Heavy Wheels

Freddy holding it down

Los Angeles homies Zack Krull, duder, and contributing filmer Tyler Cichy came up for the event. Amanda and her date BGPs.

Yes Homo

Mike Barker and Rob Collinson

The video got Oudalay psyched to skate.

Both parties denied ever giving a handjob in a bar.

EP, Antoine, Justin Carlson, and Dumo just chillin

What the fuck is a Bachinsky?

middle fingers never get old and neither does Iceman

pics: Tadashi

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