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Crossroads & ASR w Tadashi…

Last Thursday the Lowcard Crew picked me up at 9 AM in Oakland to head to the Crossroads and ASR in San Diego. When Magnet head told me he had a seat for me in the van he failed to mention that it was a lawn chair, but hey what can you expect it’s Lowcard. Anyways we hit the ground running with high hopes and 2 twelvers of natty light. For the record Hamid was getting loose in the AM before we had even hit Fresno. The next couple days are pretty much a blur a few vague memories are as follows:

-Some girl telling Rob that he looked like Kevin Spacey
-Getting kicked out of the vip section of a douchey bar
-a Josh Kasper sighting
– a failed drop in attempt
-Zak sleeping under the bed of the hotel room due to room over population

Anyways when I got home I felt like shit so it must of been a fun time. Thanks to the Lowcard Crossroads Crew 2010- Rob, Sean the shirt folder, Hamid, Matlin, Zak, Amanda, and Reija.

Day one was Volcom’s best trick contest at the ASR, Chad Bartie, coming thru hot with a fs tailslide.

Dick Long’s pass was passed around for ASR access.

Hey it’s that one kid.

David Loy won some money at this event.


Andrew Langi, fs smith stall to fakie.

Schaefer, Sinclair, Rothmeyer, and Clemens do not like the techno beats from the neighboring party.

After the contest Astro Girl of Moxi Roller Skates took a few runs and turned a few heads.

Amanda the intern.

Justin Roy’s lost hot dog, found!

You got it!

It’s not even that cool.

Freestyle with flip flops.

We’re VIP fuck your table!

Volcom Best Trick Contest.

Day 2, Crossroads best trick.

Flip Nasty poked the hole for the Hubba girl.

Gabe and Ben are feeling Lowcard and they wanted a photo.

Crossroads best trick course overview. Jaime Thomas below applying stickers to promote his company called Zero. Have you heard of it?

Tyler of Sector 9 is pretty darn good.

BS Noseblunt slide.

BS Smith.

Sizing up the rail before the contest.

David Loy was the first to go thru the kink and got 500 for it.

Drew Dezort is really good, stale fish lip with a bloody leg.

Sascha Daley from Canada did a cab bs lip down it to win, here he’s making sure all 700 is there.

It’s all over go home…

Best Trick Contest @ Crossroads.

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2 Comments on Crossroads & ASR w Tadashi…

  1. Betty
    May 27, 2011 at 6:02 am (13 years ago)

    Good to see a tlaent at work. I can’t match that.