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Here’s a few images of what happened on part 1 of Heavy Wheels and Blood Wizard’s trip to Utah. Part 2 coming Friday!


Jack Given

no problemo

Reno’s Choad!

Tbone fs smith

SLC’s Lizard came to show us around, kickflip 5050

Jerry Gurney, bs smith

A sucky park all to ourselves!

pics: Shamanski and Tadashi

Follow the Heavy riders and Blood Wizards through Nevada and Utah in this first part of the Heavy Wizard Trip. Featuring Jerry Gurney, Jack Given, Iceman, Butters, Toad, Drew Dezort, Frank Faria, Rob Mason, Tristan Moss, Butters and guests Choad and Lizard King.

Filmed by Shamanski and Tadashi. Edited by Shamanski.

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