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Heavy Wizard Utah&Nevada Part 2

Don has an epic DIY in Utah. Frank fs rock on the Tombstone extension.

Lizard King smoking bs distaster

Frank the Tank tips his hat hello.

Tristen front flips at Woodward Tahoe

Gurney feelin’ the van ride, gunner is psyched too..

Demo at Milo

Jack Given, pivot fakie

Jerry likes pineapple upside down cake

The Iceman hardflip


We out here

pics: Tadashi

The saga continues in part 2 as Heavy Wheels and Blood Wizard skateboards teams drink beer and drive around to cool spots in Utah and Nevada. Featuring: Jerry Gurney, Jack Given, Iceman, Toad, Chris Gregson, Drew Dezort, Frank Faria, Rob Mason, Tristan Moss and Robert Collinson. Guests: Levi, Butters, and Lizard King.

click here if you missed part 1.

Filmed by Shamanski and Tadashi. Edited by Tadashi.

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