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Kona Skatepark, A Chris Jolly Blog…

Kona is one of those skateparks that you have heard of and want to cross of the ole bucket list at least once. For me i live in Jacksonville and dont get to the park as often. I grabbed some buds from the Sunrise Surf Shop team, Damon Francisco and Pat Brown to shoot some night stuff on the infamous concrete section which somewhat resembles an old water park in areas. Enjoy and thanks for looking…
pat nosepick pit wall
Pat Brown-Nosepick Tombstone.
Damon Francisco_hurricane_konapool

Damon Francisco-Hurricane.
Pat Bs smith kona pool
Pat Brown-BS smith from deep to shallow.

Damon air kona
Damon Francisco-FS air off the pit wall into the pit.

All words and photos by Chris Jolly.

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