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Low-Res with Chris Dunne, February 2022

The desert – one of the most captivating places in America to shoot skateboarding. However, one of the most difficult to skate in due to intense heat. Somehow though, Chris Dunne gets amazing results out there in the greater Las Vegas area that capture the diabolical spots, beautiful scenery, and hard work this community puts in to make skating happen.


Above: As the sun dips down over this ditch, Michael Ragan blasts a 360 shove-it off this perfect hip in Lake Havasu.




This pool was likely once very lagoon-like with the tropical looking plants, sweltering heat and crystal clear water, but now it’s drained so Pjaay Dellatan can get gnarly doing frontside airs in the corner pocket.




Luckily these folks got some shade because Laird Brunson has to be working up a sweat styling this nose grind the way he did.




Sometimes the best spots out there are beneath our feet. Kedrick Tanner pulls a pivot fakie In the sewers – tight quarters to pull off such maneuvers.




Sometimes things line up perfectly in this life – this is one of those situations. Joey Esteban gets this nose grind right as the boys get the boot.




This maneuver is a tickler – Chris Ruberio nollie back lips and then POPS OVER to ride that nollie back lip until the bitter end.




Another sunset lit masterpiece for Laird Brunson as he drops into this kinky 5050 grind.




Chris Ruberio keeps up his artistic choice to ride any ledge all the way through with this back tail to fakie around the corner of ledge and gap.




Adam McNeela is not joking around with this tailslide frontside heelflip out on the Donna St. ledge, and those skies accent his trick choice to produce epic results.




Pure desert crust right here. Laird Brunson ends this gallery with a fakie bigspin into a double drop that would turn away most casual rippers.

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