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Trusty Switchblade…

The Trusty Bowl was originally built by the Department of Skateboarding, also known as DOS, in 2002. The bowl became an permanent fixture to the Portland Sakteboarding scene and was frequently ridden by many pro skaters. After the Department of Skateboarding closed it’s doors in 2010 the bowl became an exclusive private access skate spot. In March of 2014 Trusty Switchblade took over the bowl and set it’s sites on making it available to the public once again.

Public sessions are offered daily from 11am – 7pm
Skaters under the age of 18 yrs are required to have a parent’s signature. *Parents must be present to sign waivers.

Private memberships: Private members can come and go as they please, 24/7 365. After hours members can bring up to 3 homies with them to skate.
pics: Robert Parrish

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