oui décor

De Ja Vu…

Rough ground, rougher people. The town shuts down for football and people wear purple camo. the rest of us skate and either pull for other teams, or do what I do, just hate American Football. Fatti Maschii Parole Femine translates to strong deeds, gentle words. I never heard more shit talked anyplace I have lived.
we got lots of rain in the winter, and humidity in the summer, as well as year round hangovers. Oh yea, we skate tons of bank spots. So If you are ever driving between Philly and DC, see your way to the
VU 7118 Harford Rd. Baltimore MD 21234 410-254-2552

Kick flip wall ride

Demian DropIn To Bank Canton MD

Ryan Boblits Front Feable 3 Ridge Rainbow Bench

Ryan Boblits Front Side Big Spin 4 Thrift Store
Photos By David Stuck 

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