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PEMDAS 2 is a New England based skateboard film told through the narrative of various day walkers from the Northeast landscape. The people met along the way guide the video into oblivion, while the skating attempts to keep it grounded. Scroll down for a photo gallery from Zach Tinker, Josh Littlefield, Angus Gill & Tony Maness.


Credits + Instagram accounts:
Pemdas – [@pemfuckingdas]
Filmed and Edited by Nick Lajoie [@natenac]


Additional Filming:
Andrew Andersen [@doublea246]
Ethan Rigoli
Troy Mavrogeorge [@troyfuckingsucks]
Drew Uphold [@chopdndrewd]
Kyle Sawicki [@kylesawicki]


Troy Mavrogeorge [@troyfuckingsucks]
Ethan Bisson [@ethan_bisson]
Nate Lajoie [@natenac]
Joey Tworkowski [@fuck_yeuh]
Josh Littlefield [@josh_littlefield]
Andrew Andersen [@doublea246]
Chaz Munroe [@ch3l_]
Kyle Sawicki [@kylesawicki]
Mikey Sheehan [@smokeem]
Cole DC [@cole_dc_]
Cullen Cunningham [@5cull3n]
Drew Uphold [@chopdndrewd]
Zach Tinker [@zzz100mph]
Angus Gill [@angus_gill]
Kyle Heatley [@kyleheatley]
Alex Heath [@heathbarrr]
Ariel Perl [@varielperl]


“We kinda just go out and wait for something to spark the day off, after that pretty much everyone is on it, we get what we get”  -Troy Mavrogeorge



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