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SF Skate Club at Wallenberg

Wallenberg has always been one of those spots that keeps us grounded. It’s like a therapy session for 90s, SF street skaters. For the most part, it’s the same Wallenberg that’s been there since Jamie Thomas used to benihana the 4 once a day barefoot. Sure, it’s a typical California school yard but it also conjures up vivid memories of a shirtless Gino and an Afro adorned Gonz.


This was the perfect setting and spirit for SF Skate Club and Young Skaters United to host their first ever youth contest – WALLYWORLD. Two youth from SF Skate Club’s after school program – Ricardo Rios and Ryan Miller – were responsible for the contest, applying for a grant from a city agency called Shared Schoolyard Project. The two SFSC youth were in charge of promotion, obstacle design, outreach, creating and sticking to a budget, volunteer organization and the huge undertaking of connecting and motivating youth from their skate community. The contest was for 18 and under and had 3 divisions, “beginner”, “so so”, and “so pro” and best trick. The event proved that SF has a thriving next generation of skaters that are ready to make their mark and get out there and make it happen. Nico Hiraga, Sam Chao and myself did the judging but it was the dedication and heart of all the youth that put themselves out there that can never truly be judged, only admired. Major moves went down, as with any contest, but it felt like everyone won in some way or another and the feel of the day was amped from beginning ’till end.


A special thanks to all those who volunteered, gave promo, and showed up to skate or support the first SFSC/YSU contest. Be on the lookout for the next one. These kids aren’t going anywhere.


Thanks: Lowcard Mag, Blood Wizard, Babylon Burning, Nike SB, DLX, FTC, Rough Neck Hardware, Everyday Skate Shop, Left Side Skateboards, Snack, Circle – A Skateboards, Black Gold Grip, Create Skateboards, Ace Trucks, Brute SF, One Love Skateboards, and the grip of heads that volunteered and made this thing happen.


Text: Shawn Connolly

Photos: Savannah Tarver























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