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Your welcome little buddy…

This is Will Nutter from Nashua, NH, and I would like to thank you guys at lowcard so much for sending me all the stuff you did. Here in Nashua we have a pretty cool skate seen. The skatepark we call new park is pretty sick. Its pretty well set up with lines everywhere and has a pretty big bowl in the back that has about 3 feet of vert in the shallow end and the deep end this like 12 feet. Theres secret spot, which really isn’t a secret anymore, where theres some nice like little homemade ledges and different drops all around. Too bad little beaners took the spot over and brought the ledges down because they were to high for them you get on to. Theres also a downtown seen with sets, ledges, and few rails here and there which makes a pretty good day of skateing. Once again thank you so much for the extra stuff like the home cut circa shirt which I gave to my girlfriend, her brother also skates, the tons of mags which I am handing out to the skaters at my school tomorrow, I’m sure they will go crazy for them, the stickers which is never necessary but very much appreciated, the posters, the California Pacific Medical Center Parking Ticket?, which I’m happy to mail back if needed, but most of all the letter telling me what to do with all the extra mags. It really showed me that you guys are not just any company that is over the top with too much add space that they have to fill it up with Marine Core adds,..cough cough…transworld..cough..cough. Once again thank you guys so much I look forward to any replies or even opened mail.

Haha maybe I’ll try and get school credit for this long ass essay I just typed.

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