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STILL CRUSTY: A Printboys video straight out of the Rockford, IL area, which prides itself on crusty raw skating.


Featured skaters are Steven Bailey-Murray, Morgan Crane, Kayne Coniglio, John Gackstetter, Cody Chanthalangsy, Thom Ping, and David Gackstetter.

Additional skating from James Tamayo, Caleb Stevenson, Zac Walker, Zack Leclaire, Zack Mulligan, Dave Green, Kyle Mansanarez, Eric Durham, and Nico Positano.


A special thanks to the companies that support several of these riders: Printboys Screenprinting, Losing Skateboards, Mass Transit Wheels, WNTR Skateboards, First Gear Skate Shop, and Fargo Skate Shop.

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