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Stratus is a skate video created to show the perspective of the Seattle scene, where we deal with the constant concern of whether our session will be rained out and what sheltered spots we can find to cope. The constant watching of clouds – that every skater from Seattle is so used to doing – is the main inspiration behind this video. Keep your eyes on the sky.

Video by: David Koler – @primo_skates

Jack Coleman – @severelydust
TJ Hughes – @tijuana_hughes
Trevor Groth – @trevorgroth
Casey Boothman – @boothmaan
Ty Dubois – @fshohmu
Mike Patterson – @therapyskateboarding
Joel Wilkins – @joelwilkins
Ken Takayama – @shredashreds
Aron Gurunlian – @insta_guru
Dyno Hunter – @dynohunter
Cover Photo: Ty Dubois by Casey Boothman

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