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“Jellylegs” a video coming from the East Bay showcasing what homie mode truly is. Swapping the camera around capturing moments that would happen with or without the camera being there. Lots of different styles allowing you to feel the personality of each individual. This video is not for the faint of heart so crack a brew pack a bowl and relax because “Jellylegs” is all about good times.



Tucker Given – @Tucker_rees
Ahren Boudinot – @human_bingus
Coco Galvan- @cocogalvan
Tony Latham- @tonelatham
Ian Tottle- @ianntottle_
Isiah Marvin- @stonecr0p
Noah Scottish- @muscleskateco
Filmed by – @cocogalvan
Edited by: Coco Galvan/Tony Latham

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