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Liquor Bank #2: Backsideflip



Skateboarding is supposed to be this happy-go-lucky, “fun” activity, but there’s also another side to it. There’s a certain breed of skaters who get obsessive in a way that makes skating more about driving around for hours, looking for spots, trying the same trick until you’re on the verge of a public freakout, and punishing yourself for no reason rather than just goofing off with your friends. A lot of normal, civilian-type life shit has to be sacrificed to interact with skateboarding this way. People who put in the time and effort to make full-ish length videos in the modern age make up a tiny percentage of skateboarders, and people doing it with a VX1000 make up an even smaller group. You’ve gotta be kind of twisted to mold the supposedly carefree pastime into this relentless pursuit of clips.


Liquor Bank # 2 has made several of these types of video projects, all of them in uh, Chico California. A spot desert. Years spent toiling at awful spots has warped the vision of what actually constitutes a “good” one. The goal becomes skating something bad/stupid on purpose. Landing wrong or just rolling over especially-awful ground can make the clip good. That’s not to say it’s missing actual hammers, but there’s a bit of nihilism in the approach which is what makes it interesting, and at times, even funny.


Liquor Bank #2: Backsideflip should be watched alone at night on a TV (or desktop computer) with all the lights turned off and the volume turned up.

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