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Squangland is a real Bay Area skate movie, brought to you by Squang Skateboards, a young board company from the East Bay. Squang = squad+gang, and that pretty much sums up this team. Real Bay Shit.


Skateboarding by Elison Bailey, Kaleb Yachdav, Leobardo Agustin, Aron Hosoi, Emonte Denson, Ja’von Oakley, Gustav Shochat, Kyron Shochat, Anika Mallard, Jordan Fenigstein, Eddie Costantini, Morgan Pringle, Will Walker, Zael Johnson, Gabe Gomez, Joblo Macavuchi, James Jordan, Tristan Baesen and many more.


Filmed by James Jordan, Kevin Vongkhamchanh & Diego Miranda Edited by James Jordan & Diego Miranda Fonts by Sylas Cooper


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