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The Monark Bunch

Utah’s own Modern Monark skateshop debuts their first Full-Length film, “The Monark Bunch”. Shot & Edited by Eric Ferguson, it features a strong list of local rippers with parts in order from Nate Brown, Coltyn Nelson, Mike Zanelli, Brandon Aguayo, Kai Taylor, Aaron Gailey, and Dillon Miller.


Mainly in the salted streets of Salt Lake City, The Bunch also traveled to Phoenix, Denver and Long Beach to put down. Enjoy the film and drop into Monark next time you’re in SLC. Modern Monark extends a huge thank you to the local skate scene in Utah and Lowcard Mag for their support!


Featured Skaters & Instas:

Nate Brown – @natehasadeathwish
Coltyn Nelson – @cnelse 
Mike Zanelli – @mikezanelli
Brandon Aguayo – @brandon._.aguayo
Kai Taylor – @skate_or_kai
Aaron Gailey – @tha_creature
Dillon Miller – @slimsk80


Filmed & Edited by Eric Ferguson
– Youtube
– Instagram – @fergy_films 


Modern Monark Skateshop
353 W 200 St.
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101

– Youtube
– Instagram – @modern.monark
– Website – https://modernmonark.com

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