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i took caltrain once

for free back from some casino. comin from a blackout as well.

see, me and dirty hal thought it would be a great idea to stay up all night partyin with our then boss and some random hook and then go to the casino close out of the city when the sun came up. we drive out there, but between my blurred vision and the holes in hal’s hobo  garb, we (us two) weren’t allowed in. boss and hooch proceed inside, saying for us to wait at the car, which we can’t find in these football field parking lots. so we wander thru this mini town looking for the waterfront, which police informed us they didn’t have, but were nice enough to escort us to the trains. after some miscommunications with the train honkeys, we were informed we could ride for free if we sat right HERE and didn’t get up. free ride. no cops. Caltrain yall…

i didn’t even mention the hate crime my boss got us mixed up in before we left the city. man, writing this shit gave me a hangover…

1 Comment on i took caltrain once

  1. Hal
    May 23, 2010 at 10:54 am (14 years ago)

    very seldom to i punch people in the face. when i do, i have to be told i did later. and, in defense of some guy who’d let my job disappear right under my feet. memories, or, the lack thereof.