oui décor

Mississippi livin…

come on in boys,

the water’s fine.

this here is Clifton.

he got a plot o’land

a landscaping business

and a rampsterpiece.

pleased as fuckin punch…

i wish i knew how to put these side by side.

maybe like this.

neck hurt? sorry boutcha

Frank Henn. legendary.

has alot to do with this here– skatems.com

all country, no castro.

this is what he thinks of no skatepark in the greater Jackson area.

go to Skateboarding In Mississippi’s site to sign the park petition.

i mean, shit, yer gonna drive thru there eventually.

so much history,

i just vomited.

just kidding, mothers…

pretty much stay drunk in the entirety of the south…

you won’t realize as fast,

that yer sweating to goddamn death,


stay rad, B rad.

sorry Michelle.

i liked the drunkest foto

the best.

1 Comment on Mississippi livin…

  1. michelle
    February 23, 2011 at 7:18 am (13 years ago)

    You left out the part about showing up at 4 am with sausage and a frozen casserole and B rad.