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Low-Res with Ryan Cosentino-Roush – July 2022


San Jose has always been one of those great gems in skateboarding. They gave us Gershon Mosley, Tim Brauch, the entire Tilt Mode Army, the Coattails gang, and now, we have the Lozer Crew. With an abundance of spots and a close proximity to San Francisco, it’s always been a place where skateboarding can prosper. This month’s Low-Res features the work of Ryan Cosentino-Roush, a guy with a great eye and the talent (or something along those lines) of the Lozer Crew to help make these images come to life. And while the gang typically resides in the Silicon Valley, these photos span both their home and their vacation to the Big Apple. Above, we have Marc Pascua adding his own art to this colorful building with a US mail sponsored noseslide.



Darkness creeps over San Jose as Daniel Kohler handles this backside feeble grind down a healthy kinker. Thank the heavens Ryan himself is trained in the great art of lighting homies up.



The freeways of San Jose all loom over the city like some sort of concrete tentacled creature, but underneath them is where the skate spots thrive, hidden in plain sight. Salvador “DINO” Montelongo hits a back lip amidst the cool crust.




Much like the freeways of San Jose, the bike trails amidst downtown offer a number of spots, as well as a beneath-the-streets type of labyrinth between spots. Mark Ortega snaps a hardflip while we, the masses, get to observe from above.




At least one San Jose legend had to show up in this post, and everyone’s favorite, Caswell Berry makes an appearance. According to Caswell, “The world has turned and I don’t know who the fuck Lozer Crew is,” but that don’t mean he can’t throw down a frontside tailslide into the gutter for the locals.




Anthony Monnie is no longer just the kid shouting “Tilt Mode!” in the videos. He’s now a certified San Jose ripper with this ollie to wallride on an SJ jersey barrier.




Ramon Ramirez has always been on a mission to film videos for the crew, but he was still able to get in front of the lens and bust a layback boardslide while the gang was visiting the Big Apple.




Lots of people try to claim heavy slappy grinds these days, but it’s safe to say Matt “DIESEL” Divincenzo is throwing down the heaviest. Slappy noseslide with some extra weight to blow away the competition.




From a photographic standpoint, it is always important to get your blues balanced right. This wallie from Kyle Palermo has all the blues in check, from the sky itself to the reflection off the building.




Classic San Jose right here – a clean and stylish nose blunt from Matt Inch, paired with a solid spot right in the middle of the sidewalk. Chalk all this up for a W in Sharks territory.

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