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Who doesn’t need a little Friday Hype?!

Shane Smith:
Dakota Camp-FS 180 Nosegrind
“Shot this one of the homie Dakota camp in Tampa over the weekend while in town for Tampa am. He fs 180 nosegrind the hubba within a couple try’s after being kicked out of this spot earlier in the day…”

Christopher Gleason:

Mason Coates-Ollie.
“Mason can pretty much ollie anything. I’m always trying to get people to skate this rail just cause the landing is so sketch. Mason opted to sail over the whole thing and take it to the black instead…”

Wes Lembro-Pole Jam.
“This pole jam is barely a pole jam. Not only is it steep and tall, but you have to thread the needle on the way out. Wes rips…”

Ben Hayes-Nosegrind
“Ben is a rail wizard. It’s always fun to watch him knock a number of tricks out in a few minutes…”

Nick Anger:
Josh Oakes-Boardslide to Hurricane
“Kids schools are tight! oh wait, that doesn’t sound right…”

James Reres:
Max Mcfarlane-Frontside Board

“This spot is crusty doodoo…”

Adrian Lignos-Smith
“Adrian wants to get sponsored by palace very soon…”

Frankie Spears-Board Slide
“Frankie really looks forward to skating in upcoming contests…”

Dean Barnes:
Al Brunelle-Tuck Knee
“After getting a cast off that Al’s been wearing for the last 6 weeks all he wanted to do was go to a nice deep bowl and fly. Garvanza skatepark provides the fix…”
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