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LOWRES Photo Feature #59…

LOWRES back for your viewing.
Marco Hernandez
Leo Gutman,No Comply Flip Up, Nose Wallie Down. Staten Island, NY.
Dylan Nieves,Ollie into Bank.Staten Island, NY.

Christopher Gleason
Tyler Cushat,Front feeble.
“This rails a long one. Tough to hold that feeb that far. It was recently taken to fakie, but here Tyler takes it to straight…”
Mason Coates,Gap, back 5050.
“This gap to rail is super short. Don’t know how Mason got both trucks on it. But he did it twice. Once for the photo and once for the footage. He probably wishes I brought a separate filmer with us…”

Craig Dodds
Conor Benson,Kickflip over rail. Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.
“Every skate crew has the one serious hesher, Benson is ours. Equipped with the ever changing hair style and the sometimes questionable clothing he bickered his way past security to land this…”

Sam Pulley,Frontside Nosebone. Barcelona.
“While on a random excursion to Barcelona for a couple of weeks I crossed paths with a familiar face and was soon pencilled in for a photo date. Watching this chap skate is a gift to the ol’ glazzies. I’ve recently found a lot of opportunities at spots with trees so naturally I climbed my way up this one and nearly fell out of it trying to get the right angle…”

Shane Smith
Miguel,5-0.Fort Worth, Tx.
“Bird eyes view in down town Fort Worth with my boi Migi!”
Derrick Lambertz
Taylor Olsen, SW 5-0. Des Moines, IA.

John Demaranville, Nollie Crook. Des Moines, IA.

Tadashi Yamaoda
Dustin “Woofie” Brown, Hurricane.


Kai Gormsen, FS 5050.

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