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Lowres made it to 60… thank you to all that contribute to make lowres what it is. Now get out a get some more skating in…
Jacob Romero:
Jabari Pendleton, Switch Crook. San Francisco, Ca.

Zac Coyne, BS Smith. San Francisco, Ca.

Shane Smith:
Josh Newcomb.FS, 50-50.Unknown Location, USA.
“Frontside 50 for the weekend…”
Josh Howard:
Jacob Santa Anna, Gap to smith . Southlake,TX.
“The homie Jacob gaps into a front smith and holds it all the way down…”

Dean Barnes:
Al Brunelle, Wallie. Los Angeles, CA.
“Al Brunelle just put out an insane part in Zach Dowdy’s new film “Mash With Us” where you can see him stomp this Wallie and more. Get your copy here http://www.mashwithus.com…”


Bobby Groves:
Daniel Weinstein,Gap to Crook. San Francisco, CA.


“Daniel Weinstein has a way of fitting his front truck onto almost anything, including this gap to waist high bar just a couple inches from the wall…”

Zach Parker, Beanplant. Rockridge Bart, CA.

“Often pondered but few have stepped to this drop into the bank at Rockridge BART. Zach Parker takes the dive with finesse…”

Drake Johnson, Bar Hop. San Francisco, CA.
“Nice house, nice trick. Drake Johnson has no problem snapping the highest bars around town…”
Ryan Barlow, Ollie. San Francisco, CA. Film Photo.
“Ryan Barlow and Ryan Flores linking up a line in a North Beach alleyway. It takes two to tango…”

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