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Red Bull Oak Stages 2021 PHOTOS

Our boy, Tadashi, came through with some mean flicks from the Redbull Oak Stages event:

Leave it to Cody Chapman to make a Sheckler flip look good. Look at Ira & Izzy battle for the angle, who do you think caught it better?


Hayden Estrada flies, no if’s and’s or but’s. Back 3 melon outta Torrance and into Oakland.


Ducky breaks handrails & front tails barriers. Smoke what you heard.


Probably not what the event organizers had in mind when they put those gates up, but Drake Johnson’s got the hops to defy any expectation.


Ratface getting crossed and boned.


What would a web gallery for an event be without an anonymous frontside grind? Put some respecc on their checc.


You see “Punch a Hole in the Sky” yet? Go do that already if you haven’t. Here’s one of Uma’s frontmen, Cody, with a stinker nosegrind.


Stephen “Seegull” Brayman is from Connecticut & knows how to do long division in his head.


Here’s Drake making everyone who used the ramp to get onto the barrier feel like a toddler at skatecamp.

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