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Grandpa Cam: “Mom’s Going To Be Pissed When I Give The Car Back”

It’s not that serious. from the 37 stop to oregon to southern californian red curbs, the frontsides are real. also, theotis beasley and frank shaw in one edit? definitely an NBD. burn it down!!! it’s all love! crack open a case of dew and dive in to the spirit of away. Filmed and

Edited by Zane Timpson, featuring: Eli Williams, Adam Anorga, James Ferrando, Elijah Akerley, Daniel Stelly, Renette Hammer, Bryan McGlynn, Neil Norgren, Sampson, Me, Kayl Johnson, JoJo Heffington, Brendon Villanueva, Sheila, Dave Gutierrez, Frank Shaw, Ryan Hill, Coburn Huff, Nick Peterson, Theotis Beasley, Chris Colbourn, Miles Mullanix, Joel, Hayden Estrada, Alex Vasquez, Elyse Gil and Pablo Ramirez.

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