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Low-Res with Nicholas Felton, August 2021

If you ever make it out to Las Vegas, make sure you get to this spot–It’s one of a kind. Look at Aaron Goure’s flawless execution of a rollup noseblunt surely followed by a 62-bar freestyle upon rollaway.


How many iPhones can you count pointed in David Harms’ way? I’d say enough to start a pretty badass Facebook group. Long live the Orchard!!!


Don’t know where Houston Reynosa’s coming from or where he’s going, but with a heelflip this badass does it really even matter?


Classic Sac spot, classic maneuver, Sam Lemley’s got it figured out with this fs lipslide.


Flipping onto a rail is no joke, Kevin Pierre Louis knows–Kickflip back grind in Vegas.


Nothing like a grown man skating in a playground to creep out some onlookers, always feels strange doesn’t it? Despite potential parental concerns, Tyler Dewitt gets himself a tasty krooked grind.


Back to the Orchard with Evan Breder & a frontside tail-block.


Wonder if the city knew their grates would be used to make such great spots? Trever Bird begs the question with this gorgeous kickflop.


Elijah Wanco had his back with the impossible.


There’s very few things that warm the skater’s heart more than a proper FSA on a backyard ramp–Thank you for your service, Ian Flynn

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