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Low-Res July 2021 with Dustin McWethy

From the desert to the palm trees and ocean breeze, Dustin McWethy’s got flicks for days.


Hide your red curbs, hide your ditches, Ace Pelka’s coming through with a honda powered stalefish noebluntslide.


The walls painted like christmas & the rollaway from this hard flip must have felt like it too–Cameron Targosz is the only one who will ever know.


High risk, high reward is the formula, right? Cameron kickflips from a board’s width to a soggy  roofride.


This LA transit station has seen more legends than the walk of fame–David Drewniany’s backside slider sets him right alongside the best of em.


Sometimes all it takes is a frontside–Ross Trottier knows what’s good.


Jordan Rommel wallies over the mountains & into a dreamscape.


Fingerflip back d isn’t one you see very often, but would you expect anything less from John Rob Moore?


ABQ hot spot gets flown over wallie stalefish style from John Rob. Homie in the white truck got to witness some greatness.


Bam would be mad jealous if he ever saw Vincent McLaughlin’s shuv tail grab here–Probably the prettiest one ever documented.



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