Our first LowRes of 2018 comes in firing with photos from Elias Parise, Brian Shamanski, Tosh Rice, and more.

1_TONY_DUMPSTER_NOSE-MAN_10.30.16 - Elias
Tony, Dumpster Nose Manual. Photo: Elias Parise

Al Brunelle - Wallie - Zack Dowdy
Al Brunelle, Wallie. Photo: Zack Dowdy

Alex Willms - Tailslide - Tosh Rice
Alex Willms, Tailslide. Photo: Tosh Rice

Billy Jackson - Back 180 Switch 5O - Eduardo Sanchez
Billy Jackson, Bs 180 Switch 5-0. Photo: Eduardo Sanchez

Chris Russel - Tailgrab - Tosh Rice
Chris Russell, Tailgrab. Photo: Tosh Rice

David Gravette, Boardslide. Photo: Elias Parise

Dylan Jones - Invert Wallride - Taylor Ballard
Dylan Jones, Invert Wallride. Photo: Taylor Ballard

Jake London - Smith - Narbe Vagharshakian
Jake London, Smith. Photo: Narbe Vagharshakian

John Pankus - Tailslide - Derek Stanko
John Pankus, Tailslide. Photo: Derek Stanko

Johnathan Thijs - FS Flip - Tosh Rice
Jonathan Thijs, Fs Flip. Photo: Tosh Rice

Max Yaglinski - Madonana - Zak Ryan
Max Yahlinkski, Madonna. Photo: Zak Ryan

Mike Krok, Heelflip 5050. Photo: Eddie Liddy

MUSTAFA ABRAMS - Noseblunt - Jose Flores
Mustafa Abrams, Noseblunt. Photo: Jose Flores

Chris Russell - Egg - Shamanski
Chris Russell, Eggplant. Photo: Brian Shamanski

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