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LOWCARD Presents “Costal Hybirds” article

What happens when you send a few New Yorkers to Southern California?! The Costal Hybirds start to flock, and that’s just the beginning to this article of good times. My bud Ian Stribling called and said him and Joey Nickell were headed out to San Diego & wanted to get some sessions going, so we did just that! Obviously we had mandatory parties in-between all the mashing but I would say they have a pretty damn productive trip. It’s always a little tough to take time off when you’re at home, but when the boys come through it’s the best excuse to get out and enjoy the company.

Photos by Ian Stribling

Starting in San Diego making our way up to Los Angeles and back, we tried to hit as many spots our bodies would allow. Camping out in our cars a few nights, doing whatever it took to keep pushing forward was our only option.


Joey Nickell, Bs Disaster at Poods Skatepark. North County – San Diego.

Malarkey, Bs Boneless above the I-15 South in San Diego.

Malarkey, Fs Boneless.

Joey, trusting his hand laying over some crust. Bertlaman.

Joey, Fs Air at City Heights Skatepark. San Diego.

Joey, Tailslide at Prince Skatepark. Oceanside.

Sean, Fs Boneless at Prince.

Zack Dowdy, Fs Boneless at Carmel Valley’s Pump Track. San Diego

Big Al Brunelle, Bs Tailslide right next to the train tracks in Del Mar, CA.

Al Brunelle going full dog piss on this frontside carve at Linda Vista Skatepark. San Diego.

Al Brunelle, Lean tail at Garvanza Skatepark. Los Angeles.

Joey, Invert revert at Volcom Skatepark. Costa Mesa.

Joey, speedy Fs Air to Disaster at Poods Skatepark. North County San Diego.

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