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Shorty’s Fulfill the Dream: 25 Years Later


Erik Hatch was around at Shorty’s from the get go and has been there to witness everything from the company starting in Tony Buyalos’s garage, to the sessions where the whole squad was killing everything. These days, Erik has been working on Footy, a compilation of some of his finest old footage that recently played at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and uploading all sorts of gems to his website (hatchmultimedia.com). Today though, he recounts 25 years since the classic video, Fulfill the Dream, the Shorty’s masterpiece that turned people like Brandon Turner, Sammy Baptista, and Peter Smolik into stars, solidified Steve Olson as a legend, and birthed the legacy of Chad Muska. If you are a youngster who hasn’t seen it, might want to do your homework and go watch one of the best videos ever made. If you are familiar with one of the best of the best, sit back and enjoy this stroll down memory lane as Erik recounts the experience getting to document some of the gnarliest skating Southern California has ever seen.



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